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Travco Group’s Strong Presence at the ITB 2018

Travco Group is proud to showcase its portfolio in the world’s most internationally recognized Travel Trade Show, the ITB. This year marks the 52nd edition of the ITB Berlin which spanned from the 7th to the 11th of March with opening gala held on the 6th of March inaugurated with a speech by the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, and continued with additional speeches from leading political and tourism figures exchanging their insights on the tourism industry and its dynamics.

Travco Group was represented by its leading delegates throughout the entirety of the event. The delegation perfectly suited for the role of representing Travco Group include our Chairman Mr. Hamed El Chiaty, CEO of Travco Travel Company Mr. Ali Okda, GM of Travco Travel Amr Karim, and on the hospitality side there was the Group Director of Sales & Marketing Jaz Collection and Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts Egypt, Ms. Nagla Madi together with key destinations’ directors of sales. Discussions revolved around key developments in the group’s travel and hospitality products that increase the appeal of our ever so popular touristic destinations among key tourism buyers during the duration of the 2018 ITB.     

On the sidelines of the show Mr. Hamed El Chiaty gave a statement in an interview with a reputable Egyptian news expressing that it is apparent that the future of the tourism industry in Egypt is on the rise with projections of 2018 and 2019 with number of visitors to the country reaching up to 40% to 50% increase year-on-year. This increase is apparent due to the vested interest in Egypt from countries such as Germany, England, and Ukraine along with other new but potential source markets such as Latvia, Hungary and Lithuania, adding that the inauguration of the charter flights from these countries is expected to result in a sizeable increase in the incoming numbers. Mr. Chiaty also emphasized that the projections for the German visitors to Egypt is expected to exceed the record year of 2010. And Travco Group is prepared to handle a sizeable influx of tourism with our ever-growing portfolio that averages an increase of around 3 to 4 properties every year. He also states that this year Travco Group will open four new properties in Marsa Alam which are known to be the all-time favorite for the UK and Italian markets.

Being a hub for international tourism players, the ITB was the perfect place for Travco Group to showcase its upcoming and newly opened Hotel properties. These properties span all across Egypt and some of the hotel properties include Giza Palace in Cairo, Sensatori Sahl Hashish, Maraya in Marsa Alam, Jaz Tamaraya, Kalawi in Safaga and the upcoming Cairo Pyramids Hotel, to mention a few. The platform was ideal to showcase the newly open hotels properties like the sought after Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir in Cairo, Steigenberger Alcazar in Sharm El Sheikh. The portfolio’s wide variety of new and upcoming establishments showcased during the event solidified our stature as the leading tourism organization in Egypt.