Jaz Yakouta Featured Among the World’s Best
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Our very own Jaz Yakouta Dahabeya has recently been recognized and admired for its level of excellence in both amenities and services in a renowned international hospitality platform named Hideaways, featuring the world’s finest hospitality venues. Hideaways has placed the Jaz Yakouta luxury cruise vessel as one of the top 100 hotels and resorts around the world.   

Within the Hideaways magazine, the elegant cruise yacht was presented to its international readers with focus on the impeccable level of luxury and personalized service the ship provides to its passengers. The publication additionally provided well-deserved praise to Mrs. Dora El Chiaty who was responsible for the design of the interiors of the cruise ship and its modernly appointed deluxe cabins draped in the best of oriental designs.

The article mentions a unique feature of this luxurious ship in that it sails along the banks of the Nile in complete silence as it is propelled by its 2 large sails that move the ship gracefully. The combination of the natural beauty of the Nile and the smooth mobility of the ship provides its passengers with a truly amazing experience. As mentioned in the article “To recline on a four-posted bed in one of the cabins with the windows open, watching the banks of the Nile drift by with no sound or engine noise to disturb the peace, is an indescribable experience”.

Being mentioned on such a prominent publication further emphasizes the level of excellence Travco provides to all its branches. Additionally, the publication will further increase the expected number of incoming tourism to Egypt and we take great pride and joy in being a part of this change for the good of Egypt.


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