Revamping Travco’s Bus Fleet
Monday, November 13, 2017

Staying true to its belief in an ever expanding and continuous improvement of its daily operations, Travco Travel Company has recently signed an agreement to update its transportation fleet. With the continuous development undergone in several of its sectors, Travco insures the highest levels of satisfaction to all its customers. In addition, being the top rated tourism company allows us to set the standards of tourism services in Egypt that meet and surpass all international standards.

The new vehicles will join the fleet in a series of stages beginning in the month of November 2017. Travco Group has increased its fleet of transportation vehicles to include 50 new deluxe coaches. The new range of buses will be composed of 35 Mercedes MCV 600 aptly named the Superstar. These are high-end luxury transportation vehicles that are suited for the transport of VIPs and sports teams alike. Capable of seating up to fifty passengers in comfort and luxury of the highest international standards. The superstar will also have the added benefits of providing its riders with entertainment via LCD monitors and an elegant restroom, to ease long-distance travels. 

The new range of buses will also include 15 Mercedes MCV 400 named the Suit, which are best suited for inner city transportation catering to schools and businesses alike.  Capable of seating forty passengers in comfort and safety as they reach their destinations within the city. These additions to the fleet of buses as part of the transportation arm of Travco Group will ensure our diligent effort of maintaining the highest tourism service standards in Egypt.

The bus fleet of 400 varied types of vehicles continues to grow to cater for the influx of tourism and we are in the process of ordering twenty Toyota HI Ace and twenty five Toyota Coasters, and are projected to be finalized very soon. In addition Travco Group will maintain its ongoing process of replacing the old buses with new models ensuring that every vehicle is up to our high standards of safety and comfort.      

The additions to the fleet of transport vehicles are but a small part of the improvements made to this sector of Travco Group. 


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