Travco Pampering Engelbert Humperdinck
Sunday, May 22, 2016

World renowned Engelbert Humperdink visited the country back in May and made his singing debut in Egypt. May 22nd, a day to be marked down in history, where the legendary pop singer, took the stage at Cairo’s Semiramis Intercontinental and performed to an admiring audience of his long career.

Behind the scenes, Travco’s fleet and staff were at Mr. Humperdink’s service, from the point of meet and assist to attending to his requests and needs, to planning a day of Cairo’s greatest sightseeing experience. Whereas Travco Holidays participated in the event by sharing its special packages with the guests who showed great interest in Travco Holiday’s summer bound destinations.

Known as the King of Romance, Mr. Humperdink entertained the guests with a medley of his magical tunes. His visit to Egypt was a part of his tour, along with US and Canada. Through out his career, Mr. Humperdinck sold over 150 million albums; as he was also known to be a competitor of Tom Jones. 

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